Meet Laura

Welcome! I am a Mom of 3 plus I work full time as a medical recruiter and volunteer in my community. I have tried many different work-out and weight loss programs over the years but nothing seemed to stick. I struggle with a chronic illness (ulcerative colitis) which is often treated with steroids and other medications which can affect my weight and energy.

When my doctor and my children’s pediatrician expressed concerns about our nutrition and exercise habits, I knew a lifestyle change was needed! I knew I could not make any more EXCUSES and had to start making changes. I joined a challenge group on Facebook after seeing motivational posts and fitness tips from another busy profession Mom who also had a successful side coaching business.

I lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for 4 years! If you are looking to change your life, whether it be getting in shape, increasing your energy, eating better, improving your self-confidence, or changing your financial future, please contact me!

XOXO ~ Laura