30 Days To A Healthier You

Do you need help staying motivated and accountable to your health and fitness goals?
Do you just want to maintain your body and learn how to eat healthier?
Do you want to lose weight but don’t know where to start?
Do you enjoy working out with others?

Do you often say to yourself?

  • “I literally have NO time to eat healthy or workout.”
  • “Meal prep? What’s that??”
  • “My job is extremely demanding and stressful, which leaves me feeling exhausted & drained.”
  • “My kids have me running them everywhere – there’s no time for me.”
  • “I work-out but are not seeing the results in my weight-loss or toning that I desire.”
  • “My autoimmune disease/chronic Illness leaves me feeling as if I running on empty most days.”
  • “I’m sick and tired of allowing my excuses to hold me back.

And your intuition is probably telling you that you can’t keep going like this. You’re starting to see that this is affecting everything – your work, your relationship, even your kids.

Picture This:

Imagine yourself strong, confident and comfortable in your skin – without dieting. You’re eating healthy, and you’ve found a fitness routine that fits your busy and often hectic schedule.  You have a mentor & a support system to keep you accountable, motivated and on track to your goals. You feel better than you have in years, and you glow from the inside out.

You’re finally focusing & making time for YOU!

Introducing the 30 Days to Healthier You Program

A thirty day program created for busy women looking finally step outside their comfort zone & creating a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

  • Building a healthy relationship with food – no dieting or deprivation.

  • Learning clean eating, meal prep & changing your mindset about food when eating out/social functions.

  • Building more physical activity into your life on a consistent basis in a way that is feasible for busy women.

  • Developing a mindset that allows you to become more organized, less stressed, and in control.

  • It’s about leaving your comfort zone and leading my example so you can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Having Trouble Finding a Nutritous Balance?

You’re Not Alone. And I’m Here to Help!

I’ve been there.  I created my “30 Days to a Healthier You” program to help other women leave their comfort zone to life a healthy and fulfilling life.

I’m a mother of 3 in my 40’s, a wife, I’ve had a successful career as a recruiter for 14 years, I’ve battled Ulcerative Colitis must of my adult life, and I’m involved in my community!

In the past, I used all these things that make up my amazing life as the reasons WHY I did not consistently take care of myself. They were my excuses! That is until joining the Beachbody community taught me to use these things as the reasons WHY I needed to take care of my health!

My issues with eating healthy and staying active go further back. They stem as far back as childhood. I was an overweight child and tried every diet and fitness program under the sun from an early age.

As I moved into parenthood, meals consisted of microwave “healthy” frozen dinners and taking my kids through fast food on their way to activities.  I had no consistency with my fitness and packed on extra pounds due to stress & emotional eating. 

Looking for a solution, I started to learn how simple changes to my nutrition could start to dramatically change the way that I felt. I also started doing 30 minute home fitness workouts and joined an online accountability group. Within a few weeks, I noticed I was getting more toned, less stressed and felt more confident. I had more energy but also physically and mentally stronger, where before I was struggling just to get through the day. 

As my transformation continued, I found people starting to notice and ask me what I was doing. I started to realize that there were many more women out there just like me, dealing with the same issues.   I realized becoming a health and fitness coach was a way the help other women with similar struggles while I continued to help myself!

What’s possible for you?

If you do this…..Flash forward to 30 days, imagine having more energy, ditching your sugar cravings, sleeping better, having less stress and FINALLY getting off those pesky 8-15 lbs that have been driving you nuts.. You feel better & lighter, ready to run your busy schedule instead of it running you, and ready for your outside to match your inside beauty.

How It Works?

When you join my 30 Days to a Healthier You Challenge, you get a complete solution that you’ll have access to for the entire YEAR, not just for 30 days. So this is NOT a quick fix, but the start of a real lifestyle change for you.

We will be focusing on Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability – the 3 pillars to success.


We will be focusing on getting in a quick 20-30 minute workout each day. As part of this program, you will get Beachbody On Demand which has over 600 workouts to choose from. You can stream the workouts on your TV, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. You can also walk, bike or do any workout program that suits you. The goal is to get in 20-30 min each day.


We will also be focusing on cutting out the foods that make you fat – sugar, processed foods and unhealthy carbs. You’ll get clean eating meal plans and 30 days of my favorite healthy superfood smoothie that will provide you all the vitamins and nutrients you need to curb cravings and fuel your body naturally.


You’ll have me as your personal coach and mentor to help keep you accountable, and an entire community of other women just like you in our private support group. I’ll be with you every step of the way to help you create habits that will stick.

And the results are backed by a 30 day guarantee, so there is zero risk. Plus you will get extra special BONUSES for choosing me as your coach 🙂

Exclusive Bonuses

Because you signed up for my Challenge with ME as your COACH, you will receive these AWESOME BONUSES from me once you register (you won’t get these from any other coach!):